Tax Preparation

There is no tax return too big or too small that our experienced staff cannot handle. We make sure that our clients receive great service whether they receive a huge refund or owe taxes. Our knowledgeable staff includes a Certified Public Accountant, an Enrolled Agent, and a Staff Accountant with experience in both public and private accounting. To preserve these certifications, we are required to take Continuing Education Credits annually. Our professionals are up to date on the newest tax laws and refreshed on the old laws.  This continued education gives our clients peace of mind when they provide their documentation knowing that our team is the best, because we are here to take the stress out of filing taxes.  Additionally, we are capable of filing tax returns remotely through our client portal, client app, and/or online video meetings.


We specialize in all areas of the Form 1040, from solely owned farms to passive income to rental properties. You can leave your documents in our trusted hands, and we will be sure to file your return timely and accurately.


Returns of this kind are usually filed when our clients are amid trying times in their life. These returns can be confusing and difficult to understand. Our compassionate staff will make sure that our clients are treated with the utmost respect and dignity.


There are many kinds of Fiduciary returns, but do not worry the team at Arnold CPA knows exactly which return to file.


Arnold CPA will verify all accounts on the financials are reconciled and correct so the client receives the best possible outcome for their tax liability with these returns. The team also makes sure that clients claim all the business deductions that are allowed.


These returns will have the same prerequisites as the partnership returns, and Arnold CPA will work with the clients to make sure they have claimed all business deductions so the client gets all the beneficial tax breaks that they are entitled.

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