Financial Coaching in McKenzie, TN

Meet Our Coach

Pam Keating

A Camden, Tennessee native, Pam has two sons and her first precious grandson. Her education includes graduating from Camden CHS, followed by earning a Bachelor of Science from University of Tennessee and managing finances of multiple companies.

Now as a Financial Coach with Master Training through Ramsey Solutions, Pam is partnering with Arnold CPA Associates to offer financial coaching and planning in McKenzie, Tennessee, and the surrounding areas. Realizing throughout life that anxiety and stress can be linked to financial troubles, Pam sought a way to solve this issue for herself and help those around her.  After being introduced to Financial Coaching, Pam knew what a great privilege it would be to guide others in ridding themselves of debt and helping them set financial goals.

Pam would love the opportunity to walk you step-by-step to a life with less financial stress and watch you become the hero of your own story! Email Pam at [email protected]

Ways financial coaching can help

Financial Coaching Family
  • Becoming a Stay at Home Mom
  • Financial Coaching for Couples
  • Buying a Home
  • College Planning 
Financial Coaching McKenzie, TN
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Saving and Debt Coaching
  • Single Parenting
  •  Variable Income Planning
Financial Coaching McKenzie TN
  • Retirement Planning
  • Personal Budget Guidance
  • Potential Bankruptcy
  • Financial Accountability

Why Choose a Financial Coach

According to CareerBuilder, 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck—which means their fancy cars and homes aren’t telling the true story of their financial situation. While there isn’t an industry equipped to handle people’s day-to-day financial problems, our coaches are uniquely trained to resolve these issues and help deliver hope.

 Arnold CPA offers financial coaching in McKenzie, Tennessee through Pam Keating who recently earned her Master Financial Coach certificate from Ramsey Solutions.  Pam has made it her mission to share her training and financial experiences with struggling individuals who are weighed down in debt, concerned about financial options, or need advice for college or retirement planning.  She has also experienced the relief and freedom that can be found through debt reduction in her own personal life.  Pam offers a step-by-step guided plan that will help identify financial hardships, evaluate budget inconsistencies, and guide individuals in setting and meeting financial goals.  Pam has a heart for people and enjoys learning their unique journeys to guide them to a stress-free zone of financial freedom with realistic goal setting and action plans that are attainable.

For financial coaching needs in McKenzie, Tennessee, Arnold CPA provides a cost-effective solution with Pam’s financial coaching services.  Additionally, Pam’s financial coaching can be 100% virtual; therefore, it is a valuable option for those outside of McKenzie Tennessee who are seeking guidance to jump start their financial journey to freedom.  No matter the walk of life experienced, current situation, or future concerns, Pam will use her training, years of personal and business experience to enhance clients’ lives by attaining financial freedom.  Living under the weight of financial stress does not have to be a way of life.  Just reach out today and take the first step to financial freedom by contacting Pam at Arnold CPA & Associates, PLLC.

Are you ready to stop stressing about your finances?